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“The Delicious Things In Life” is a blog that embraces clean eating—a wellness approach based on natural, whole, unprocessed foods. More than merely changing the way you eat, adopting this lifestyle maximizes your energy and optimizes your health.

Freed from the constraints of my own allergies through an Elimination Diet, and taking note of the many health issues that miraculously righted themselves as a result, I have been on a mission to educate others that simple changes can lead to epic results, and that feeling healthy is the essential element to lifelong well being and happiness.

Through years of catering, cooking classes, and weekly meal delivery I’ve helped people improve their lives from the inside, out; hence adopting the moniker, the Wellness Chef. My hope is that TheDeliciousThings.com will be a medium to share the very best recipes in my arsenal that are an illustration of how healthy food can still be mind-blowing. And easy, to boot.

But I don’t strive for perfection.

And I don’t think you should either. That’s just crazy-making. You eat a whale one bite at a time, and I think it’s fair to say there’s no greater “whale” than controlling our wellness through mindful, daily choices. Baby steps are key.

For example, when I decided to start cooking plant-based, I was strict about it 80% of the time. The other 20% I saved for social outings, because let’s face it, being gluten-free and vegan makes me the most high-maintenance friend ever. I buy organic when I can, but I’m not making a separate trip because the blueberries I want don’t happen to be. I use paraben-free, sustainably harvested beauty products not tested on baby otters in Malaysia most of the time, but I can’t quit my Awapuhi Keratin Treatment and my Paul Mitchell Styling Mousse.

And I drink.

Yes, a Wellness Chef drinks. Because wellness is synonymous with well being—which also equals happiness—and which is derived from enjoyment of the finer things in life. And, for me, those finer things include Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet. And the occasional craft cocktail.

I like to say, “everything in moderation, including moderation.” And it just means…chill.

If you can maintain this lifestyle more than 80% of the time, please write a blog about it and teach me your ways, Sensei. But if you’re a fallible human being for whom even 80% feels ambitious, have a (gluten-free) beer. It’s ok.

And while you sip that beer and peruse these pages, I hope you find The Delicious Things, that when added to the parts of your existence that are already pretty tasty, create a life well lived.

A life full of joy, and gratitude and vigor…

And snickerdoodles and deviled eggs…

And pate and burrata…

And Pisco Sours…